Starting a Business

Ready to open a small business in Cornwall, CT? Terrific…congrats! And here are the people you need to connect with to get your business started in the right direction:

Karen Nelson: Karen will guide you in issues with signage, parking and other business operations.

Land Use Office/Planning and Zoning 860-672-4957

Paul Prindle: Paul will help guide you in building alterations, handicap usage and renovations.
Building inspector 860-672-0711

Kathy Weber: Kathy can help you with septic, food inspection, certifying kitchens and lots of other stuff.
Torrington Area Health 860-489-0436

Gordon Ridgway: Gordon will help you get a mentor, help get grants for fascade improvement and give general guidance in the new business process.
First Selectman 860-672-4959

Jocelyn Ayer: Jocelyn can help you with business development, mentors, small business loans and energy savings programs.
The NW CT Regional Planning Cooperative 860-605-7183 and

One Eleven Group: They can help you market and get PR your new business or expanding business. They will improve existing websites and materials, help you get press attention and even create a complete marketing program.
One Eleven Group 860-672-0043 x111